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Personal Development Tool List

This is a list of websites I use in my development, some fiddle type tools, others drawing tools, or development tools.

Azure DevOps

This is my main personal code repository and build pipeline management site. This is where my private repositories are stored and I use the Azure Pipeline feature to build/test/package/publish my project from here as well.


This is where my public repositories are stored. Mostly just GitHub sites, but their are currently a few hidden gems saved here as well.


I use trello to display my work publicly, so persons external to my other tools can keep track of my project roadways.

Code Sandbox

Used as a nice React/TypeScript/Vue playground. Has a really nice feature that allows for the site to be exported, and these are normally fully functional applications when exported.


A really nice diagram markup tool, all from a browser. I found it very intuitive to create an environnement architecture map.


A quick and easy way to share text, not much else to say here.

.NET Fiddle

Very nice fiddle tool for a .NET environment. Has the ability to write in C# and F#, and comes in handy to hammer out quick a test script. Also has a nice ability to play around with a small MVC application for ASP .NET.


This is the same as codesandbox, but has some nice examples that can be explored on the site. Example: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/rXyOze


A convenient site I used to host gifs and images to the public.


I don't use this site as much anymore, now prefer to use CodePen nowadays.

Cody's logo image, it is an abstract of a black hole with a white Event Horizon.

Cody Merritt Anhorn

A Engineer with a passion for Platform Architecture and Tool Development.