Checkout out these articles! I mainly focus on Tech related topics with a heavy focus on .NET and anything relating to Game Development. But you will find some hidden gems about infrastructure like Kibana to Kubernetes!

  1. Game Development 2020.03.14

    • Game Development
    • Updates

    This past week has been focused on Entity management and consistency between the Client and Zone. For one we made some platform updates to the way Movement works, enhanced the Follow Owner behavior script, and general fixes around entity management.

  2. Blazor Dynamic JavaScript Runner

    • Blazor
    • ASP.NET Core
    • .NET
    • C#

    Even with Blazor you still need to use javascript in some form or fashion. And with this post we will go over how to create a simple JavaScript runner. The runner will just take a method identifier, the script as a string, and some arguments in the form of a simple object in C#.

  3. Using Docker as Part of a Build Pipeline

    • Docker
    • SCSS
    • NodeJS

    Docker is a great technology, allowing for quick and easy development of software. Using Docker you can create a consistent deployment artifact, and in the post I will go over how I use Docker. To help simplify my build pipeline by running NodeJS build commands and running more complicated .NET script's.

  4. Game Development 2020.03.03

    • Game Development
    • Updates

    Since the last update on 2020.02.09, their was been a lot of work across the board. Added a way to get details about the internals of the running game client externally, I made some changes to the way the terminal works in the Editor, added Entity management to the editor as well. More details provided below.

  5. Design Patterns - Composite Pattern

    • Design Pattern
    • Composite
    • C#

    I personally use the composite pattern in my game design quite heavily, to start off the composite pattern can be seen a taking a single entity and attaching functionality to it by adding other entities to it.