Checkout out these articles! I mainly focus on Tech related topics with a heavy focus on .NET and anything relating to Game Development. But you will find some hidden gems about infrastructure like Kibana to Kubernetes!

  1. HTML Select Placeholder

    • HTML

    With HTML5 came a way to show a placeholder for a select form element, without giving the user an option to select it. This give developers an easy way to have a nice looking placeholder but not have it as an option for selection.

  2. Server based reCAPTCHA v3

    • .NET 5.0
    • Blazor
    • reCAPTCHA v3

    In this article I will show how to use reCAPTCHA v3, reCAPTCHA is used to protect your forms from bots, or not read the article to find out more.

  3. Soft Launch - Game Development Platform

    • Game Development
    • Release

    Available Now! Today you can try a new way to Development Games.

    I set out with a focus:

    Making Game Development Accessible to more People, by making an environment available from anywhere.