Checkout out these articles! I mainly focus on Tech related topics with a heavy focus on .NET and anything relating to Game Development. But you will find some hidden gems about infrastructure like Kibana to Kubernetes!

  1. .NET - Personal Extensions

    • .NET
    • C#
    • Personal Code
    • Uses

    This article I will show off some of my personal C# extension methods. Below I list out a bunch of code extensions I use extensively, ranging from Null checking to Task.FromResult wapping. These are personal to me so are built to synergies with my programming style and my quick code snippets.

  2. Blazor - Component Mockup Library

    • Blazor
    • ASP.NET Core
    • .NET
    • C#
    • CSS
    • Component

    This article we will go over the EventHorizon Blazor Mockup library, simplifying the process of building, documenting, and testing Blazor/Razor Components.