Checkout out these articles! I mainly focus on Tech related topics with a heavy focus on .NET and anything relating to Game Development. But you will find some hidden gems about infrastructure like Kibana to Kubernetes!

  1. Quick .NET Core Blazor Build/Test/Code Coverage/Publish/Deploy Github Action

    • .NET Core
    • GitHub
    • Blazor
    • GitHub Action

    This article is just a quick snippet of code showing off a github action that will build a .NET Core application, test the application with code coverage, publish that code coverage to Codecov, publish a ASP.NET Core Blazor WASM application, and deploy the published Blazor application as an Azure Static Web App.

  2. Let Us Create - Blazor - OBS Remote

    • Blazor
    • ASP.NET Core
    • .NET
    • C#
    • CSS
    • HTML

    Do you use OBS and want a fancy Blazor Server website to change scenes? (Or control most any part of your OBS setup...) Follow this Post to learn how!

  3. Docker - Build, Test, Publish

    • Docker
    • .NET
    • C#
    • NodeJS

    To simplify my deployment process I use Docker, many of my project use docker in some way or another. I like the flexibility I get from Docker to create my deployment artifacts, and by using Docker I don't have to remember how my artifacts are created. This article is for documenting my standard .NET Core Dockerfile that I can easily reference in the future without remembering what project I have used this kind of Dockerfile in before.