Checkout out these articles! I mainly focus on Tech related topics with a heavy focus on .NET and anything relating to Game Development. But you will find some hidden gems about infrastructure like Kibana to Kubernetes!

  1. Kubernetes - Docker Desktop and SSL Termination

    • Kubernetes
    • Docker
    • TLS
    • SSL
    • Nginx

    This article will go over a minimal configuration Kubernetes for SSL/TLS termination with Docker Desktop. This article is mostly for my self and not finding an tutorial/article that had all this information in a single spot.

    This article will be a list of commands and configurations that can be used to setup Docker Desktop. It will also include resources that can be used to expand on what could is not in the article.

  2. Blazor Server - Get Access Token for User

    • Blazor
    • ASP.NET Core
    • .NET
    • C#
    • WebAssembly
    • Wasm

    In this article I show, using Blazor Server, a few snippets to get the AccessToken for a logged in User. It is not as straight forward to get the AccessCode for a user, the snippets will be using an Authentication type of OpenID. I have included comments in the code below with helpful details that might be useful.

  3. CSS - Fancy Full Screen Loading UI

    • CSS
    • HTML
    • JavaScript

    This article I am just showing off a simple full screen UI I am playing around with, the main reason to have a Full Screen Loading UI is to hide loading details about your application. In my case I am hosting a Wasm application, and since it requires a hearty load of assets I wanted a Fancy loading screen to show the user when they first hit the site. Below is the HTML, CSS and JavaScript I use to show and manage the UI.